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Forward Air Corporation

Forward Air Corporation is a publicly held company, and through its wholly owned subsidiary corporations, including FAF, Inc. and Forward Air, Inc., provides time-definite ground transportation services through a network of 81 terminals located on or near major airports in the United Sates and Canada to the air cargo industry.  These services are provided as a cost-effective alternative to air transportation of cargo that must be delivered at a specific time but is relatively less time-sensitive than traditional air freight or when air transportation is not economical.  Since 1995, Forward Air Corporation has experienced rapid growth in revenue from $63.6 million to $320.9 million in 2005 and in operating income from $6.4 million to $67.4 million.

As a publicly traded company, Forward Air corporation files reports with the Securities and Exchange Commission (the "SEC"), including annual reports on form 10-K, quarterly reports on Form 10-Q and other reports from time to time.  Forward Air Corporation is an electronic filer and the SEC maintains an Internet site at that contains these reports and other information filed electronically.  For more information about Forward Air Corporation through the company's website at

Forward Air, Inc.

Forward Air, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Forward Air Corporation.  Forward Air, Inc. is a licensed property broker and provides terminals and other operating services to arrange shipments of air freight for air freight forwarders, air cargo and airline customers.  A fuller description of the array of services offered by Forward Air, Inc. may be found at  Forward Air, Inc.'s terminals include a a central sorting facility in Columbus, Ohio and eight regional hubs serving key markets.

Forward Air, Inc. markets its services primarily to air freight forwarders, integrated air cargo carriers, and passenger and cargo airlines.  To serve this market, Forward Air, Inc. offers its customers a very high level of service with a focus on on-time, damage-free deliveries.  Forward Air, Inc. serves its customers by locating terminals on or near airports and maintaining regularly scheduled transportation service between major cities.  Forward Air, Inc. receives shipments as its truck either (i) directly to the destination terminal; (ii) to Forward Air, Inc.'s Columbus, Ohio central sorting facility; or (iii) to one of Forward Air, Inc.'s eight regional hubs, where they are unloaded sorted and reloaded.  After reloading the shipments, FAF, Inc. delivers them to the terminals nearest their destinations.  Forward Air, Inc. arranges for the shipment of freight directly between terminals when justified by the volume of shipments.

FAF, Inc.

FAF, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Forward Air Corporation.  FAF, Inc. is a licensed motor carrier formed to provide land transportation services to Forward Air, Inc.